Have a Spell to Share? Edit

Have you made a Spell for everyone? Or, maybe you've found a Real Spell somewhere, and you feel like submitting it? Well, of course you do, but... How do you do that? Well, it's easy. In the box below, write the Name of your Spell! What is it called? Then, hit the Cast Button. In the Page provided to you, describe your spell, how much is known about it, how you came to find it, and what you must have, say, or do, to cast it. Once you're done, don't forget to Tag it with the Spell Category, as well as one of the following, Low Level, Mid Level, High Level, or Arcane, Categories.

Warning! While any Spell may be submitted, it MUST be AN ACTUAL SPELL!! Those who would dephile this place with false Spells that involve Moldy Socks, or Hot Sauced Underpants, will surely be found, and banned. You have been warned.