FAQ: For Arcane Questions?Edit

Welcome, friends. If you are reading this, you have, no doubt, come across some problems that may not have easily reached conclusions, or hard to find answers. I hope some of these frequently asked, or most commonly thought about questions, and their answers, will help you. Let us begin.

What are Arcana? What Purpose do they serve? Are they necessary? Edit

Arcana are simply the ancient symbols used in most magic. They are often called Alchemic Symbols, or Runes. These Ancient Symbols represent certian Elements, or materials, or even certain kinds of energy, and how they are to be used. Although they are not necessary for ALL kinds of Magic, they are definitely needed for most High Level kinds, and are extremely useful, when used in conjunction with the correct materials, and the right amount of energy.

Is this for real? Is Magic real? It's fake, right? Edit

Well... Yes, and No. The crap you here about fairytale Wizards, and Dragons, and fairies, and all that junk, that's fake. Magic, as an energy, as a life force, as a means of doing things, in general, is very real. While you may not be able to conjure a Dragon, or make Gold from Lead, it is very possible to Heal Wounds, Move Objects without Touching them, and easily Manipulate other living things with only your aura.