Welcome to the Arcanus Magi Wikia, or, if you prefer, Arcane Magic.Edit

Welcome fellow travelers. Have you often wondered what's real, and what's not? Have you looked into Magic, but never found the truth you were looking for? Have you wondered, "Where's the real Magic? What is this crap?" If so... Welcome to Arcane Magic. We host a variety of REAL Magic, Spells, Instructions, and so on.

What you may learn here:Edit

Here, you may learn, based on a rather strict but flexible lesson system, the truth about magic, where it comes from, how it relates to science, and how to truly use it. Some may be disappointed in the lack of Dragons, and Fairies, or by the absence of lightening bolts shooting from their hands, and the lack of flying abilities, or immortality, but this is life, and for those who already know how real this is, and what it truly is, the time and dedication will be well worth it.The best tool for learning comes from Resources: You can find many of these in the Pages of Learning.

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